Student life at ITIA.

(i) Accommodation
The Institute provides a room and bed only. Mattresses are for hire. Other items associated with accommodation are the responsibility of the student. Students are advised to equip themselves with heavy clothing and blankets in case of cold weather.

(ii) Recreation
Igabiro TIA has enough recreation facilities for both indoor and outdoor games. It has a big recreation hall with a capacity of 610 people. There are also play grounds for football, netball, basketball and volleyball.

(iii) Health, Gender Issue and Disadvantaged Groups
The Institute provides a conducive environment to cater for health, gender issues and disadvantaged groups so that all registered students follow up their studies comfortably.

(iv) Students’ organization
Every student is an automatic member of Igabiro Agricultural Training Institute Students Organization (ITIASO). ITIASO deals primarily with personal and social well-being of the students in aspects such as academics, games, sports, worship, counselling, environmental activities, disciplinary issues and general students welfare.

(v) Catering services
The institute provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for boarding students.

(vi) Religious activities
There is a freedom of worship to all students.

(vii) Education for self-reliance
In accordance with the Institute objectives every student at the Institute is required to participate in various production activities.

(viii) Transport facilities
The institute has reliable transport for academic and emergence cases. Also public transports are available.

ON TOP OF THAT: Each registered student must abide to the Institute's Rules and Regulations.

24 September 2023

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