Institute's Location.

Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture is in Muleba District – Kagera Region. From Muleba town, Igabiro is about 15 kms in the West. Take Muleba – Nshamba road, then from Nshamba to Igabiro is exactly 3 km. South of Nshamba along Nshamba – Kabare road at the sign post to the left.

From Bukoba Municipal, take Bukoba – Muleba road, from Muleba follow the above guide. From Bukoba also you can embark on Bukoba – Kamachumu – Nshamba buses, which use Bukoba – Kamachumu – Kishanda – Nshamba road. Buses in both routes have been routined to be available to both terminals at intervals of one hour for arrival and departure.

24 September 2023

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Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture (ITIA), P.O.Box 212 Muleba-Kagera.

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