Institute's Background.

Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture Igabiro (ITIA) is the only agriculture training institution owned by the North-Western Diocese (NWD) of the Evangelical lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). As from 1963, ITIA has stood as a training centre for numerals extension agents, tutors, researchers, entrepreneurs required in the country to provide support for the rural family population. Through the assistance by the church, international organizations, from Denmark, China and government of Tanzania the institute has emerged stronger and more able to meet the ongoing needs of her rural and agricultural client’s base.

ITIA possesses basic training facilities to cater for crop and livestock disciplines. These include books, computers, audio visual equipment, farm machinery, tutorial rooms, laboratories, transport pool, banana plantation, Forestry, coffee plantation, piggery unit, dairy farm, workshop that make possible for the institute to devote sixty percent of the total curriculum in practical training.

Furthermore, there is a competent and experienced team of professionals, technical and supporting staff holding MSc, Bsc, specialized Diploma and certificates in relevant disciplines.

Such potentials have enabled the institute to be recognized by the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) based on the assessment made by the NACTVET verification team in November 2004. In April 2005 the institute was granted full registration (Cert.No.REG/ANE/018 dated 31st March 2005). Hence, it conducted a Self - Evaluation Study following the NACTVET standards, guidelines and format for the exercise.

The institute offers Ordinary Diploma in Agriculture Production, Technician Certificate in Agriculture Production and Basic Technician Certificate in Agriculture Production, Ordinary Diploma in Animal Health and Production, Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production, Basic Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production. In 2007, the convectional knowledge-based curricula was changed to modular curriculum which focused on “outcome or competencies” and hence Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET). Also the Institute offers VETA courses (Horticulture and Field Crop Production, Animal Husbandry, Electrical Installation, Information and Communication Technologies)

Vision & Mission of the Institute.

28 November 2023

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